"I had a listing that was just sitting on the market for months.  Gail and her team styled it to perfection and it sold the first day on the market!  A total win for everyone!" - Janet Youngblood, Realtor

"We wanted our transition into a new home, a new city to be smooth.  We didn't want to have two mortgages! Gail staged our furniture in a way that made our house sell so quickly.  We sold within a month and could focus on our next 'chapter'." - Jackie, Home Owner

"Vacant homes can be hard to sell.  Many buyers need help seeing the potential of an empty space.  Staging Tulsa was able to show potential buyers how each room could be laid out and just how big those rooms really are!"  - Tyson Tompkins, Builder

"It's a bonus to have an interesting floor plan in your home, but if the potential buyers can't determine how they can use the space, that bonus loses it's appeal.  Gail and her team did a great job putting furniture in the areas that showed clearly how the buyers could live in the home. "  - Patrick Campbell, Realtor

"Our house sat on the market for nine months after we were transferred out of state.  Our Realtor suggested staging.  We called Gail and her team at Staging Tulsa and got a contract for our home on the 3rd day after it was staged!  Thanks so much, Gail! " - Mary, Home Owner